Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine - Bozeman Acupuncture Healing Arts Center

Personal Natural Holistic Healthcare

Oriental Medicine including Acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbal remedies are excellent to help:

  • Improve your general health,
  • Strengthen the immune system,
  • Relieve pain,
  • Reduce stress,
  • Increase energy and stamina,
  • Enhance weightloss,
  • Relieve premenstrual or menopausal imbalance and other women's concerns,
  • Treat sports injuries,
  • Help stop smoking,
  • Rejuvenate facial tone, and more.

Experience better health through Chinese medicine, photo copyright Sara KremerIf you are seeking a qualified, expert, and experienced Acupuncturist in Montana – We are Here!

At the Bozeman Acupuncture Healing Arts Center we offer Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Oriental and Western herbal remedies, CranioSacral therapy, Homeopathy, and natural Terrain Medicine. We address many kinds of acute and chronic health concerns.

Neil and Linda Kremer L.Ac. each have 30+ years of experience in Natural and Holistic forms of medicine. We care about our clients and offer personalized care for each individual and their unique health needs. We listen to you. Our purpose is to serve life, your health, well-being and deeper understanding.

Bozeman Acupuncture Healing Arts Center is a personalized family practice with Drs. Linda and Neil Kremer bringing you and your family the best of a time-honored Chinese medical tradition.

Contact us now for your personal appointment for better health today.